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Incandescent lamp will be prohibited in the world

The incandescent lamp consums much power and waste lots of energy, so it will be prohibited in many countries. Here are prohibition time talbe in some countries.


Austraia: All the incandescent lamps were prohibited to produce in 2009. And to 2010, all the incandescent lamp will be prohibited. Autralia is the first coutry to prohibit the incandescent lamps.


Canada; 2012


Taiwan area: 2010


Japan: 2012


USA: from Jan.2012 to 2014


China: in 10 years


EU: 2012


Korea: 2013



Our dimmable switch are mainly used to adjust the brightness of incandescent lamp. But based on this policy, the dimmable swith for incandescent lamp will be not developed new version. Next term, for dimmable switch, we will develop LED lamp dimming device.






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