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Smart home experience - Chnsmart show room

Chnsmart show room has been finished.


We made much effort for the new experience show room. In this show room, you just take a touch pad which is based on WIFI technology, connects with wireless router. You can control all the light, curtain, home appliances, security detectors and other things together.


All the products in use:


1. Intellegent lighting system part

  1) Remote control switch

  2) Remote control socket

  3) Remote curtain controller

  4) Curtain motor and track with belt

  5) Remote controller


2. Smart control part

  1) 7" touch pad terminal

  2) Smart host

  3) Wireless router


3. DVR system part

  1) Monitor camera

  2) Hard disk


4. Smart security part

  1) IR sensor

  2) Door magnetic sensor

  3) Gas sensor

  4) Smoke sensor


... ...


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