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The single wire wireless switch issue
2008/4/25 9:22:16

The single wire remote control switch issue.


What is single wire switch issue?


-- At present, all the the light wire system are single live wire all arond the world. For traditional machenical switch, when switch off, there will be no power in after the switch. This is considered with safety and cost.


   But now, the remote control switch is a kind of smart switch, whihc include a lot of eletronic components. The switch must be always in standby status, to wake up by a eletronic command.


   But how does it work after power off?


   This is a very import point. We must get a little electic from single wire. The current will support the working of switch, the it also cannot be too high, or not, the power line will be got through. This is different to control.


   After we did many testing and lessons learned, we made the best single wire switch out. It works well and just consum a little power. And it can be installed under no need re-wire the beore wiring system to change the switch. Just take out the machenical switch out and put this smart switch in, that is enough.





China smart home system.








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